Durham Skyline


Last Summer, on a hazy, humid night, I had an opportunity to photograph Durham from, well, the top of Durham.
I agreed to sit on the photos for a while, but I’m happy to finally put these out there.

Durham Skyline

Durham Skyline BW

Two versions of one of two 360° panoramas I took. This one was at the end of the night, from 8 different vantage points, and while the other (unpublished) panorama is much more detailed (16 Gigapixels!), this one is the better image. I like the varying lights in the color version, though I almost always prefer night city images in black&white. Click for a larger version.

A few individual shots…

Durham Skyline Five points
Five Points…Duke Chapel and Hospital on the horizon.
Durham Skyline American Tobacco
Looking into American Tobacco.