Gale Dresser

Gale_Dresser01 © Chris Bozzelli, RA

2010. Production tested; ultimately unbuilt at the time.

Stack laminated shaped walnut fronts, walnut veneer appleply. The distortions in the fronts open up access to the integrated pulls.


Background: initially sketched in 2009 and fully designed in 2010, the amount of wood consumed in CNC routing the warped drawer fronts was initially deemed excessive. An alternative strategy is currently being investigated.

Gale_Dresser02 © Chris Bozzelli, RA

Gale_Dresser03 © Chris Bozzelli, RA

The early sketches for this were decidedly more….violent. I was originally going to call it the Bomb Dresser and shape the drawer fronts after torn and twisted metal, as if packing your clothes too tightly had caused the seams to burst:

Bomb_Dresser sketch © Chris Bozzelli, RA